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Essential Steps For

Never Going Broke


An Effective Guide for Handling Your Money



"The Money Managing Academy"


     The Money Managing Academy was founded in 2011 with the concept of providing educational material concentrating on strategies for responsible money management. Its focus has always been to help people secure financial stability.

     Under the guidance of its founder and Chancellor, Herbert A. Simonoff, many people benefited from the knowledge they received and were able to establish or restore their financial integrity.

     Now it’s your opportunity… Learn what thousands of others have already learned… Learn how to manage your money responsibly.

     The Money Managing Academy is pleased to offer a newly expanded, almost complete, course in money management that you can learn from anytime day or night. The “easy to follow and understand” subject matter that is put forth in this course will enable you to live a relatively stress free life when it comes to money matters.

     No additional books to buy, no classes to attend, no exams to take.




     The 10 session course, entitled “Essential Steps For Never Going Broke”, offered through the Money Managing Academy, is designed to help a person develop a responsible means for handling his money. It takes you through the steps of budgeting so that you can have a graphic view of your present and future financial position. It also shows you the importance of having a monetary cushion in the form of savings, the reasons for occasionally borrowing money and ramifications that are sure to follow as a result of that action.

     Additionally, it discusses the requirements to spend money for things you need or want, the obligations imposed upon you when you make a financial commitment, the reason to maintain a good credit standing, how to get along without spending a lot of money, sensible investing, and the ultimate responsibility to pay your share of taxes to help fund the services you have come to expect and rely upon.

     Our deluxe edition of the 10 session course, “Essential Steps For Never Going Broke”, will be shipped directly to you. Study the entire course at your convenience. Your investment for this course is a very small price to pay for all the information that you will get and it can save you a significant amount of money if you simply follow some of the precepts outlined in it.

“Essential Steps For Never Going Broke”

A course designed to help a person develop a responsible means of handling his money.


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    Herb Simonoff is the President/CEO of Hasma, Inc., a Daily Money Management Company and Chancellor of the Money Managing Academy. With constant and careful attention to detail, he ministers to the needs of others with tireless enthusiasm. Herb was born and raised in New York City. Although his interests always centered around the area of finance, he operated a large electronics business in New York and New Jersey for 33 years.

    After handling the personal financial affairs of family members and friends for many years, Herb formed HASMA, INC. to provide an essential service to those people who wanted a competent, highly experienced, caring and honorable professional to look out for and safeguard their financial interests. He also established the Money Managing Academy in order to teach people how to manage their money responsibly.

    During his many years as a Daily Money Manager and his affiliation with the Money Managing Academy, Herb lectured and wrote several articles and books on the subject of prudent money management. His mission was to not only protect the assets of his clients, but to teach people and help them set a course of fiscal stability. As a result, his outreach and guidance benefited many people and saved them from financial disaster.

    In the magnificence of the 9th decade of life, Herb is busier than ever. While he still attends to his Daily Money Management business and continues to engage in activities relating to the Money Managing Academy, he finds the time to work out at the gym six times each week and also to take long exhilarating hikes through the woods. His more sedate activities include many hours of reading and time spent writing. He enjoys volunteering time to non-profit organizations involved in community service activities and he occasionally entertains audiences as an auctioneer to help raise funds for various humanitarian projects.

    Herb and his wife Margie, a retired attorney, live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have two grown children (a daughter who is a practicing attorney and a son who is a busy cardiologist) and five grandchildren.


I am proud to be affiliated with, and a member in good standing, in the following national organizations.

• The National ElderCare Matters Alliance
• American Association of Daily Money Managers
• Toastmasters, International